Next day

Imagination beyond a small table spread on the floor.
Do not miss any memories of this summer.
The wind gently watches the serious figure holding the crayon.
How many pieces will be completed this summer?

  • White(WH)

Room's temperature is comfortable!
  • Adjustable angle from front to vertical

  • Easy-to-see air volume

  • Left and right automatic swing

  • Storage remote control

Product name circulator
Model number FKCU-251D
Blade Diameter 25cm
Product size W34.5cmxD23.5cm/xH40.5cm
Weight※body only 2kg
Wire length 2.5m
Power Supply DC24V
Power consumption Maximum (Maximum Wind Speed / With Oscillation) 14W
Maximum (Maximum Wind Speed / With Oscillation) 2.7W
Operating Sound *At Minimum level 14.9dB
Wind Speed Adjustment Stepless
Automatic Oscillation Horizontal
Automatic Oscillation Angle Horizontal 60 Degrees
Manual Angle Adjustment Vertical 55 Degrees(27.5 Degrees x 2 steps), Downwards 35 Degrees
※From the Aluminum ring
Timer Off 1, 2, 4, 8 Hours
Remote Yes
Aroma Case Yes
Rhythmic Wind / Sleep Wind Yes
LED Dimmed Mode Yes
Automatic Shutoff Function Yes