F series


Soap bubbles rise high in the wind.
"Let's get along with you later."
Did you understand the word, Osanpo,
I am happy to shake the tail.
The figure to take care of is
It's totally like an elder sister and reliable.

Care is also smooth due to small installation area!
  • Champagne Gold(CGD)

  • Sliver(SI)

設置面積が小さいから お手入れもスムーズ!
  • Because the legs could be folded
    Convenient for storage

  • Left and right automatic swing(30・60・90°)

  • One push Vertical height adjustment

  • Easy-to-see air volume indicator

  • 90 ° upward, 10 ° downward
    the angle you could adjust

  • Magnet remote control could be attached to the leg

Product name F series
Model number FKLU-201D/ULKF-1201D
Blade Diameter 20cm(Soft Blade)
Product size W36.5cmxD32cm/xH55.5~62cm
Weight※body only 2kg
Wire length 1.8m
Power Supply DC24V
Power consumption Maximum (Maximum Wind Speed / With Oscillation) 10W
Maximum (Maximum Wind Speed / With Oscillation) 1.5W
Operating Sound *At Minimum level 11.6dB
Wind Speed Adjustment Stepless
Automatic Oscillation Vertical and Horizontal
Automatic Oscillation Angle Vertical 100 Degrees/Horizontal 30, 60, 90 Degrees
Manual Angle Adjustment Vertical 90 Degrees, Downwards 10 Degrees
Left 60 Degrees Right (10 Degrees x 6 steps) ※From the front
Timer On/Off 1, 2, 4 Hours
Remote Yes
Aroma Case Yes
Rhythmic Wind / Sleep Wind Yes
LED Off Mode Yes
LED Dimmed Mode Yes
Automatic Shutoff Function Yes