Living fan


The two are geniuses who create new play. The gentle wind is my opponent today. Balloons and mobiles seem to be fun.
「Snack time」 「Yes!」
The balloon went up higher

  • White(WH)

  • Removable center pole for adjusting the height

  • Handle is integrated with the main pole

  • Angle adjustable:from upwards 90°to downwards 30°/p>

  • Storage remote control

Product name Living fan
Model number FKLU-281D/ULKF-1281D
Blade Diameter 28cm
Product size W36.5cmxD33cm/xH57/93cm
Weight※body only 3.6kg
Wire length 1.8m
Power Supply DC24V
Power consumption Maximum (Maximum Wind Speed / With Oscillation) 18W
Maximum (Maximum Wind Speed / With Oscillation) 1.4W
Operating Sound *At Minimum level 11.3dB
Wind Speed Adjustment 4 Steps
Automatic Oscillation Horizontal
Automatic Oscillation Angle Horizontal 75 Degrees
Manual Angle Adjustment Vertical 90 Degrees (30 Degrees x 3 steps), Downwards 30 Degrees
Left 60 Degrees Right (10 Degrees x 6 steps) ※From the front
Timer Off 1, 2, 4, 8 Hours
Remote Yes
Aroma Case Yes
Rhythmic Wind / Sleep Wind Yes
LED Dimmed Mode Yes
Automatic Shutoff Function Yes