Living fan

Dinner time!

The whole family is here, so the evening time is very lively. What happened today, going out for the weekend. The soft wind slowly passes through the conversation.
I hope tomorrow is a good day.

Feel soft wind wherever you are
  • White(WH)

  • Left and right automatic swing(30・60・90°)

  • Handle for carrying the fan and magnet remote control

  • Angle adjustable:from upwards 70°to downwards 10°

  • Removable center pole for adjusting the height

Product name Living fan
Model number FKLU-302D
Blade Diameter 30cm(Soft Blade)
Product size W34cmxD28.5cm/xH57/100cm
Weight※body only 4kg
Wire length 1.8m
Power Supply DC24V
Power consumption Maximum (Maximum Wind Speed / With Oscillation) 23W
Maximum (Maximum Wind Speed / With Oscillation) 1.6W
Operating Sound *At Minimum level 9.2dB
Wind Speed Adjustment Stepless
Automatic Oscillation Horizontal
Automatic Oscillation Angle Horizontal 30, 60, 90 Degrees
Manual Angle Adjustment Vertical 70 Degrees(17.5 Degrees x 4 steps), Downwards 10 Degrees
Left 60 Degrees Right (10 Degrees x 6 steps) ※From the front
Timer On/Off 1, 2, 4, 8 Hours
Remote Yes
Aroma Case Yes
Rhythmic Wind / Sleep Wind Yes
LED Dimmed Mode Yes
Automatic Shutoff Function Yes