About how personal information is handled

We promise that personal information is owned by individuals only. We obtain and use the personal information of clients for business activities in proper way, take protecting personal information as a social responsibility, abide by and respect the personal information protection law, related laws and regulations and the standards of each group, and implement the business based on the construction of an appropriate management system.

1. Purpose

The company will use the personal information of clients obtained through our business activities for the following purposes.

(1) Orders, loan settlement and distribution related to products, services, etc.

(2) Implementation of after-sales services related to products, services, etc.

(3) Providing information related to products, services, etc.

(4) Market operation and sales promotion activities implemented by the company

(5) Collection of questionnaires such as products and services, and achievement of other related questionnaires, etc.

(6) Coping with customer’s consulting questions, etc.

(7) Production, investigation and analysis of statistical data related to products and services

(8) Other related items of the first seven items

2. Reasonable access to personal information

The company obtains personal information in a legal and fair manner.

3. Third party provision of personal information

Except any of the following, the company will not disclose or provide the personal information to any third party.

(1) To disclose or provide personal information in a legal form in accordance with laws or by a court, department of supervision, police, tax bureau, or a public agency with the same authority as above.

(2) To meet the public interests or client interests in Life, person or property

(3) Business inheritance due to merger, company spin-off, business transfer or other reasons

(4) Entrusting all or part of the business carried out by the company to a third party within the scope required to achieve the purpose

(5) Provided to the company indicated in the scope of common use party in section 4 below.

4. Common use of personal information

The company will use the personal information of clients in the following forms.

(1) Personal information items
The client name, address, e-mail, phone number, fax number, ordering and purchase information are shared with the Doshisha Group within the scope of ‘1. Purpose’.

(2) Range of common use party
Doshisha Group

(3) Purpose
Same as ‘1. Purpose’

(4) Name of the party responsible for the management of personal information
Doshisha Corporationc

5. Safety measures

In order to ensure the correctness and security of personal information, it is necessary to take security measures in terms of technology and organization, and try to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering and disclosure of personal information.

6. Management of outsourcers

When consigning the processing of personal information to the outside, we will conduct appropriate management and supervision by exchanging confidentiality agreements with contractors.

7. Confirmation and correction of personal information

We will promptly respond to the reasonable extent according to the procedure prescribed by our company only when it is surely recognized that you are the principal when you wish to disclose, correct or stop using the personal information. In the case of a request concerning disclosure, correction or suspension of use, please apply in writing.

8. Management system

In order to strengthen efforts related to company-wide personal information protection, we will prepare leakage prevention system, assign administrative staff for each division handling personal information, and continuously carry out training and enlightenment for employees.

9. Strict observance of laws

We will comply with laws and other standards applied in the handling of personal information.

10. Revision of the privacy policy

The contents of this privacy policy may be revised as necessary, such as legal proofreading, social trends, and others.

11. Inquiry window

Please contact us at the e-mail address below for comments or questions on this matter.
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