• Dark yellow

  • Mint green

  • Coral pink

  • Square shape convenient
    for placing in any position

  • Simple operator panel

  • With aroma box

  • Removable sink of
    simple maintenance

  • Add water directly to the sink

  • Water level mark at a glance


The humidifier is in efficient square shape; the steam tube with a circular design and the support leg at the bottom of the device look very cute.
Allow placing anywhere at home easily.
The upper part is equipped with various function settings such as a water level display window that facilitates adding water and informs the user of the water level by light.


  • Model

    KKWT-301 / TWKK-1301

  • Product name

    Easy to add water, ultrasonic humidifier

  • Product size

    Width 24.5cm, depth 14.5cm, height 31.5cm

  • Weight ※ Main unit only


  • Wire length


  • Voltage


  • Power consumption


  • Humidification amount


  • Suitable floor area

    Wooden structure 8m2, equivalent to 5 tatami, prefabricated 14m2, equivalent to 8 tatami

  • Sink capacity


  • Continuous humidification time

    8 hours ※High level operation

  • Timer

    1, 2, 4 hours timer off

  • Aroma felt

    4 pieces (1 piece already mounted on the main unit)